SANUM-Kehlbeck GmbH & Co. KG

The company was founded in 1973 by Mr. Heinrich Kehlbeck, Sr., by way of acquisition of two until then independently operating companies.

These were:
a) the SANUM company, Hamburg, of the pharmacist Mr. Rinkert
     This company was founded in 1932 by an employee of the Robert-Koch-Institute, Berlin. Acquired were, among others,
     the preparations UTILIN® (Bacillus subtilis), UTILIN® “S” (Mycobacterium phlei), LATENSIN® (Bacillus cereus)
     and RECARCIN® (Bacillus firmus) which are still marketed today.
b) the IBICA company, Hamburg, of Prof. Enderlein and his family
     Central to this acquisition were the preparations Mucor racemosus (today MUCOKEHL® , Pleo® Muc), Aspergillus niger
     (today NIGERSAN® , Pleo®  Nig), Penicillium chrysogenum (today NOTAKEHL® , Pleo®  Not), and Penicillium roquefortii
     (today FORTAKEHL® , Pleo® Fort), which were developed by Prof. Enderlein.

Aside from production facilities, inventory, original microbial solutions, etc., the whole know-how was acquired from both companies. This included the specialized production process and the sole right of use.

The relay of know-how to third parties was excluded and concluded by acquisition of all original microbial stocks necessary for production of the preparations by SANUM-Kehlbeck. Only these stocks proven and tested over decades, enabled and enable today the production of the original preparations. Until today any legal access to these stocks by third parties has been excluded through simultaneous safety deposit into a state stock collection. Also acquired were drug registrations of the SANUM preparations UTILIN® , UTILIN® “S” , RECARCIN® , and LATENSIN®  already existing with the German Federal Drug Institute. The IBICA drugs were registered after acquisition by SANUM-Kehlbeck. Preparations like Candida parapsilosis (today PEFRAKEHL® , Pleo®  Pef) and Penicillium frequentans (today QUENTAKEHL®, Pleo®  Quent) were developed toward the end of the 1970s by SANUM-Kehlbeck and not by Prof. Enderlein through utilization of the acquired know-how and officially registered in Germany only at the beginning of the 1980s.

During the past 20 years, a variety of further products and very successful product lines have been developed, of which the SANUKEHL®  preparations should be especially emphasized. Information on the products may be found on this website under "Products". We are today still the only company in possession of the official registrations of all above-mentioned preparations. Through consistent extension and a high research budget at about 20 percent of our sales we produce today more than 200 different medications which we distribute worldwide. We are working with a number of standing foreign distributors who ensure successful marketing in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, China, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Poland, Azerbaijan, South- and West Africa etc.

A number of additional foreign distributors are currently being established, or the medications are being registered in their countries. Basis of this success besides a high research budget is primarily the effectiveness and absence of side effects of the medications themselves, which on our side is supported by an extensive quality assurance system. Thus, we employ almost 100 motivated employees in two plants with a production area of approx. 10,000 m2. All production steps from development to the final product are carried out in-house under strict observance of GMP guidelines. There is only one version of each drug which is offered world-wide at the same level of quality. In keeping with these standards, the company is divided under academic control into departments like production, quality control, distribution, drug safety, and information technology. These departments work independently not only of management, but also of the other departments in order to guarantee consistent reciprocal control. Moreover, compliance with GMP conditions is checked at our own request at regular intervals by state supervisory agencies and certified for all production steps. Currently, our preparations are used worldwide by about 30,000 prescribers.